The Cowan Foundation is Proud to Sponsor the 2014 Heart & Stroke Resuscitation Summit

Heart and Stroke Resuscitation Summit

The AED Program is Succeeding – Lives are Being Saved!   

We started supporting Heart and Stroke in 2007 – when they had a vision to make “AEDs as common as fire extinguishers.” We continue to support the program for three reasons:

1.  It aligns with our business.  We provide insurance and risk management solutions to clients with a strong focus on chosen market segments where the organization has specialized expertise. Clients are offered property & casualty, life and health, and wealth management services to meet their specific needs. 

2. Our clients, business partners and employees have told us the program matters to them.

3. It’s working – AEDs are saving lives, and If we work together to increase AED access in more communities throughout Canada,  even more lives will be saved.

Ad appeared in The Globe & Mail on November 4, 2013
* Above ad appeared in The Globe & Mail on November 4, 2013