A Donation to Ducks, in Partnership with the City of Woodstock, to Create a New Wetland Habitat

From Left to Right:  Heather McLachlin, President, Cowan Insurance Group Ltd; Mayor Trevor Birtch, City of Woodstock; William Jones, Manager of Development, Ducks Unlimited Canada; Phil Holst, Director, Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Cowan Foundation and the City of Woodstock are pleased to support Ducks Unlimited Canada (Ducks) in their efforts to improve Woodstock’s natural environment.

Along with representatives from the City of Woodstock and Ducks, Heather McLachlin, President, Cowan Insurance Group was pleased to participate in the unveiling of the sign that will be displayed along Hwy 401 at the site of the new wetland habitat.

A donation of $45,000 from the Foundation will allow for three small wetlands to be created on land owned by the City of Woodstock, just west of the Hwy 59 exchange on the south side of Hwy 401.  

Ducks have a long history of wetland restoration in Oxford County, including two previous projects supported by the Foundation; Hodge’s Pond and the Thames River.

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