A Place to Call Home

The Working Centre has been actively creating new, affordable, housing alternatives through the renovation of houses and buildings in downtown Kitchener. 

Over the past ten months, they have purchased, renovated, and upgraded two houses and one multi-use building to create affordable and supportive homes for people in our community experiencing persistent homelessness. 

In order to further support these housing efforts, The Working Centre has launched a $1 million fundraising campaign that will create 8 additional units of housing at 256 King Street East.  These units will become homes by the end of January.

The Cowan Foundation has made a significant contribution, donating $100,000 to help bring the campaign closer to completing the $1 million goal.

“When we heard The Working Centre had plans to raise $1 million to purchase and renovate 18 housing units, we felt it was important to step up and provide support, explained Heather McLachlin, President, Cowan Insurance Group. “By donating to this project, we are not only helping make affordable housing possible for those in need, but we are helping The Working Centre provide additional capacity to positively impact mental health, emotional, and addiction issues expe-rienced by residents. We hope that by aligning with this project it will also direct attention to this important initiative in our community, which will encourage others to help The Working Centre reach their $1 million goal.”

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