Donation Supports Concussion Patients on their Path to Recovery: MyBrainPacer App

For those struggling with Post Concussion Syndrome, their path to recovery has become clearer thanks to the recent launch of a free app created by St. Joseph’s Health Care London called MyBrainPacer.

Along with other strong funding partners, The Cowan Foundation recognized the powerful impact this project could make in the lives of Canadians living with PCS and committed $67,500 for the first phase of the project in 2015, and a subsequent $120,000 commitment in 2018 for the second phase.

Recovering from PCS is often a difficult journey since people need to delicately balance their activity level throughout the day to minimize symptoms and allow the brain to heal. This app uses a point tracking system to assign values to daily tasks so users can plan and pace their daily activity. Users are given a total number of points per day that will keep their symptoms in the “safe range” and are encouraged to increase their points as their recovery progresses.

“In 2015, we recognized the great potential of the work being done by St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation in London and the Parkwood Institute around reducing symptoms for those experiencing post-concussion syndrome,” explained Mary D’Alton, Executive Director, The Cowan Foundation. “We were pleased to extend our support for the second phase of this ground-breaking project.”

“Made possible by innovation, research, and collaboration, this app has the potential to significantly impact those living with a brain injury or concussion.” Says Heather McLachlin, President, Cowan Insurance Group. “We are proud to support this project since this app is a great tool to empower those struggling to continue their daily activities and will provide a clearer path to recovery. This tool will not discriminate on who it can help, the broad reach of this tool to various audiences is one of its greatest assets.”

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