What We Support

Since inception in 1995, we have supported many worthwhile Canadian charitable organizations, with a special focus on the priority areas listed below so our investments can have a bigger impact and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Children and Youth- Transformational programs for those under 25 years of age that teach valuable life skills and expand leadership capabilities.  Specifically we are focused on programs assisting at risk children and youth; and programs that encourage excellence.

Health and Well-being- Programs focused on improving the health and wellness of individuals in our communities, with particular attention on seniors.

Note:  The Cowan Foundation does not currently accept solicitations for funding.  We are proactively working with our businesses and community partners to allocate donations that align with the goals of our Foundation.

Selected programs and charities will align with the businesses within the Princeton Holdings group of companies and reflect our business philosophies and values of innovation, collaboration, commitment, and integrity. They will also be client-focused and results-driven.