The Cowan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years and 20 Million Dollars!

2015 marks a momentous year for The Cowan Foundation as we celebrate two significant milestones - 20 years of building community and 20 million dollars in donations.

“The Cowan Foundation was started in 1995 in honour of Frank Cowan, the founder of Frank Cowan Company  and Cowan Insurance Group”, said Maureen Cowan, Chairman and Co-CEO Princeton Holdings Limited and Chairman of The Cowan Foundation.  “Although basking in accolades would have gone against his grain, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer him deserved thanks for placing such importance on building community where we do business. This strong focus on our community is an important part of the culture across the Princeton Holdings group of companies.”

“Over the past 20 years, The Cowan Foundation has made a significant impact in Canadian communities, supporting approximately 450 charitable organizations,” explained Terry Reidel, Executive Director, The Cowan Foundation.   “As our Operating Companies, including Cowan Insurance Group (and its subsidiaries: The Williamson Group, Millennium CreditRisk Management, Wentworth Financial Services and Cowan Financial Solutions), Frank Cowan Company, The Guarantee Company of North America, Cowan Asset Management, and Fountain Street Finance continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to continuing to partner with, and support, charities that matter to our employees, business partners, and clients, and that contribute to the well-being of Canadian communities.”

It has been a busy two decades full of partnership and positive impact, however our anniversary is not only about remembering the past, it is also about shaping the future.  To celebrate this important milestone, in addition to the planned 2015 contributions, The Cowan Foundation has donated $20,000 to each of the following ten charitable organizations in Canada:

Please click here to read the full press release that includes detailed information about the ten charities we are supporting.