The Cowan Foundation donates $60,000 to Carizon’s Connectivity KW4 Program

From left to right: Shannon Nicholson, Director of Clinical Counselling, Carizon; David Outa, Commercial Account Executive, Cowan Insurance Group; Tracy Elop, CEO, Carizon; Larry Ryan, President, Frank Cowan Company.

The Cowan Foundation donates $60,000 to Carizon Family and Community Services for their Connectivity KW4 program. Connectivity brings health and social service agencies to a weekly meeting to collaboratively and proactively address situations that involve a significant risk to an individual, the community, or both.

“Connectivity aligns with The Cowan Foundation’s priority of improving the health and wellness of individuals, and of paramount significance, reaching our most vulnerable community members,” says Terry Reidel, Executive Director of The Cowan Foundation. “This program helps those in the greatest need of intervention and has a plan in place within 24 – 48 hours reducing emergency room visits, child protection cases, violent crime and youth victimization.”

“Two things impressed us about Connectivity - the proactive nature of Connectivity and the demonstrated collaborative impact,” adds David Outa, Commercial Account Executive, Cowan Insurance Group. “It’s not about ‘if you need help, give us a call’ - it’s about community partners bringing situations forward, taking people by the hand and putting a plan in place that doesn’t allow them to fall through the cracks.” 

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