The Cowan Foundation invests over $1.5 Million to Canadian Charities

Cambridge, ON - The Cowan Foundation’s Board of Directors are pleased to report total donations of $1.58 Million during 2017, benefiting over 100 Canadian charitable organizations. This brings The Cowan Foundation’s total investment since its inception in 1995 to more than $24 Million.

“The Cowan Foundation continues to focus on supporting impactful programs that are current to the issues of today, primarily transformative programs for children and youth, as well as health and well-being initiatives with an emphasis on seniors,” said Terry Reidel, Executive Director of The Cowan Foundation and Chair of Cowan Holdco.  “The significant and lasting impact the Foundation has made through donations to various projects and programs, both across Canada and abroad, is closely entwined with the spirit of our organization’s Founder and his emphasis on improving the lives of others through philanthropic giving. We would like to express our gratitude to clients, business partners and employees of the Princeton Holdings group of companies since the success of our operating companies is interchangeable with The Cowan Foundation’s ability to make a positive impact in communities.”

To view The Cowan Foundation 2017 Community Investment Report visit: